There are expected financial and development benefits to locating businesses on Lummi Nation Trust Lands:

1) Indian Employment Tax Credit

The Indian Employment Tax Credit (IRS Form 8845) is a credit against U.S. Internal Revenue Service taxes calculated on wages, including health insurance costs, up to $20,000 for each qualified individual.

Qualified individuals include enrolled members of an Indian Tribe, or the spouses of enrolled members, who live on or near an Indian reservation. This credit offers a hard dollar incentive of approximately $2,600 per qualifying worker for businesses that are located on Trust Lands.

2) Streamlined Permit and Development Process

The development process will be collaborative and predictable, so the development risk to the Users are known, transparent, and quantifiable.

Lummi Nation has streamlined the permit process to be less than 30 days. Typical development mitigation will be completed by the Nation so that there will be no mitigation required of the User. There are minimal impact fees at this time.